Le Coste Estate will offer a unique lifestyle that has been thoughtfully planned for wellness and convenience, making it both personally fulfilling and collectively rewarding for all residents from young to old. Le Coste offers a wide variety of estate amenities, including an impressive main entrance gatehouse, manned 24-hours of the day. A picturesque tree-lined main boulevard welcomes residents home to an incredible lifestyle.



Le Coste’s Lifestyle Centre will be a unique residents’ space that meets a large selection of needs. Residents can access a deli and pizzeria, co-working lounge with free Wi-Fi, gym with fitness studio, heated adult swimming pool and children’s splash pool, outdoor play equipment and park area.

This allows families and residents to seamlessly integrate the convenience and functionality of daily life with the safety and comfort of the estate.



Le Coste Estate has made it a priority to include an on-site nursery school as part of the strong family focus within this community. Parents can confidently enrol their little ones in a nurturing and safe environment that offers a quality education together with a natural focus on play for up to 65 children, aged from 3 months to 5 years old.

Several play areas are featured within the nursery school grounds, providing a holistic environment that enhances the opportunities for learning and strong imaginative creativity.



Le Coste Estate will boast a variety of green spaces throughout the community, providing an urban sanctuary for residents. These areas include recreational open spaces such an Eco-Park that acts as a tranquil zone and Family Park that is ideal for picnics and complimented by a dog-friendly leash area.

These amenities offer residents an opportunity to spend leisurely and unhurried moments together, free from the pressures of daily life and work obligations.



At Le Coste Estate, children matter most. The Sports Park will provide youngsters with a fully-fledged bike pump-track and mini-soccer field that will both excite them and challenge them physically and developmentally, whilst creating endless memories.

The Sports Park also creates a lush and tranquil environment where adults can enjoy a spacious and natural environment to workout in with the perfect backdrop for getting active.



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